Other – Frequently Asked Questions

Termination of Employment

What happens to my benefits if I terminate employment with Nemours Children’s Health?

Your benefits options vary depending on what you had in force prior to your termination. Different benefits have different continuation options. For example, Medical, Dental, Vision and Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts may be continued for specified periods of time through COBRA. Term Life insurance may be ported or converted, and Long Term Care may be taken with you at exactly the same rates that you currently pay.

There are limits to the amount of time that you have to make elections to continue terminated coverage. You may find a detailed listing of benefits available upon termination (and information about those benefits) online, in the Termination of Benefits Summary.

How will my dependent child(ren)’s coverage be impacted by a status change or termination of employment?

Nemours Children’s Health provides coverage for your eligible dependent child(ren) until the end of the month during which they turn 26. You should be aware of how their benefits are impacted by certain circumstances such as turning 26. If you terminate employment with Nemours Children’s, your dependent children are eligible for COBRA. The COBRA options available to your dependents may vary depending on your status as an active employee (whether you are full-time or part-time), and your dependent’s age as of termination.