Nemours provides dental benefits through Delta Dental. There are three levels of dental coverage: Red, Blue and White. Contributions are taken on a pre-tax basis.  Preventive services on the dental plans do not count toward your annual maximum paid by Delta Dental.

Passive PPO Network

A passive PPO allows you to choose any dentist. Although the reimbursement percentages are the same for in- or out-of-network coverage, you will save on out-of-pocket expenses by receiving services from an in-network dentist as out-of-network providers can balance bill. The Nemours plan uses both the Delta Premier and PPO networks.

You can go online to find an in-network provider in your area or use the information located in the Contacts section. Definitions of “Reasonable & Customary” and “Maximum Allowable Charge” are available in the Key Health Coverage Definitions section of this online guide. Please note that changes in network status can occur at any time. Check with your provider prior to your next appointment.

ID Cards

ID cards and a welcome letter that lists all covered dependents will be mailed to your home. Each enrolled associate will receive two ID cards. Dependent ID cards will not be provided. View the latest summary chart for dental plans.

Frequency Schedule

The following procedures have limitations on the frequency with which the procedures can be performed, as follows:

*See Summary Plan Description for details regarding preventive exam benefits.