Spousal Advantage Value Incentive (SAVI) Plan

For those who are eligible, SAVI provides you with a unique opportunity to have no out-of-pocket medical costs other than the premium you pay for alternative coverage. If you have access to eligible alternate group medical and prescription drug coverage, SAVI offers 100% coverage with $0 out of pocket for medical. You will be reimbursed for ALL eligible co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles incurred through your alternate medical plan up to the 2024 maximum out-of-pocket limits under the Affordable Care Act ($9,450/single and $18,900/family per year). No premium contribution will be deducted from your Nemours paycheck. You will not be charged the Nemours $300 monthly spousal surcharge if you enroll in SAVI. If you are currently enrolled in the SAVI plan, you are eligible to continue your enrollment into the next plan year. However, you will have to re-enroll using our online benefits system every year.

Please note that the following alternative medical plans are not compatible with SAVI, so you are not eligible if your alternative medical plan is:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • A high-deductible plan with an active HSA contribution (this includes both associate and Nemours contributions)

If you have questions about SAVI, please contact Catilize Health at 877.872.4232, email MERP@catilizehealth.com. You may also reference the SAVI materials available in our Resource Library.