Retirement Plans

Nemours Retirement Plans has partnered with Transamerica Retirement Solutions as its record keeper. There is a 403(b) plan for Nemours associates and a 401(k) plan for associates of Children’s Health Alliance, LLC (CHA). Both have access to a 457(b) program based on salary requirements.

Full-time, part-time, casual, temporary, and seasonal associates of Nemours are automatically enrolled in the 403(b) plan with a 4% contribution rate. These tax-deferred contributions will begin as soon as administratively possible following 30 days of employment. Associates may opt out of the automatic enrollment or change their contribution rate at any time by contacting Transamerica Retirement Solutions.

The 401(k) plan for associates of CHA does not have an automatic enrollment feature. For more detailed information about these plans, including eligibility, contributions, investment options and plan limits, contact Transamerica Retirement Solutions at 800.755.5801 or visit

Whether you are automatically enrolled in the 403(b) plan or you actively enroll in the 401(k) or 457(b) plans, please make sure you designate a beneficiary for your account. Taking this step in your estate planning will help give you peace of mind and improve your overall financial wellness.

Retirement Readiness Associate Toolkit

Nemours wants to help you be as prepared as possible as you navigate the path toward a successful retirement. The Nemours Benefits team has put together the Retirement Readiness Associate Toolkit that contains helpful information about the process of preparing for retirement, as well as checklists, contact lists, resources and frequently asked questions. This toolkit is a first step for you to review as you contemplate retirement.

Aetna Medicare Transition Services

Aetna offers an easier way to make sense of Medicare. Talk to a licensed insurance agent to help guide you through the decision-making process. Whether you are continuing to work beyond age 65 or if you are retiring, this is a free resource. Enrollment in one of the Nemours medical plans administered by Aetna is not required to use this service. Get help now at